Internet Connectivity Services


MitiCo is in a position to apply for and supply physical ADSL connectivity solutions via Telkom, IS and MTN Business on behalf of our clients. This removes the arduous task of having to deal with Telkom and their support services which can take a huge amount of time. The ADSL service provides 24hrs un-attended Internet access via an Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (“ADSL”) technology, which is provided to the customer by Telkom and IS and MTN Business through MitiCo.

Vodacom MPLS VPN

Your own private network connection that will enable you to securely and cost-effectively link multiple sites, locally and abroad, whilst maintaining the highest level of performance for your voice, video and data applications.


MitiCo will advise clients on internet connectivity solutions that best suit their needs using ADSL, various wireless options including Vodacom, 3G and Diginet connections.

Virtual Private Networks and VOIP

Have you considered connecting to your office network from a remote location? Or, connecting two remote offices via the internet instead of expensive Diginet services. This is not as difficult as it may seem. We will advise you on the best solution to make use of today’s technology and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). We also provide for free phone calls and reduced call rates with Voice over IP (VOIP) by using the data services on the internet to make calls and not Telkom’s wired solutions.


The internet offers its own set of challenges with hackers, viruses, phishing (the act of trying to get account information) and spyware. To combat these problems and to offer affordable solutions that will secure a company’s internal network, we can advise clients on various professional solid-state devices and Linux server solutions that cater for firewalls, proxy services, email servers, anti-virus for data and emails, anti-spyware, web monitoring, VPN and a host of other services. These devices are positioned between the internet and your internal network, thereby protecting your valuable IT infrastructure and data from an external attack.