IT Support Services


MitiCo offers affordable hardware and software support either on-site or on a carry-in basis. Our support services provide for all types of hardware, software and network cabling requirements to ensure the smooth running of your business. All support calls, whether they are telephonic, fax or via the internet are handled by our support center and logged on a central logging and tracking system. Calls that cannot be resolved by our help desk technicians are escalated to ensure the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. Where necessary the calls are allocated to our technicians who are managed centrally to ensure that calls are handled in an efficient and expedient fashion.

Desktop Management

We can also offer our clients a sophisticated remote desktop management service which allows our technicians to manage certain support calls including software installation, backup monitoring, upgrades and general assistance. All our technicians have cell phones and satellite tracking in their vehicles to ensure that we can manage and monitor calls regardless of the client’s location. We also use a sophisticated SMS system to maintain contact with our technicians at all times.

Software Updates

We also offer solutions that manage Windows operating system and desktop product updates and anti-virus updates and upgrades from a central location. This effectively reduces internet access and expedites upgrades and updates of work stations on a network. Included in these solutions are management consoles to manage and monitor the updates on the networked workstations.

Service Agreements

MitiCo offers Service Level Agreements (SLA) that caters for both pro-active and re-active situations at reduced costs with preferential response times. If your IT solutions are critical to your business, then let us plan and present an SLA that will suit your requirements and better manage downtime and unnecessary call-outs by being pro-active instead of re-active. The pro-active support includes items like operating system and desktop software updates, anti-virus updates, spyware updates and backup system monitoring.


MitiCo has partnered with a local network cabling companies that provide products and workmanship of the highest quality. It is essential that companies invest in good quality network cabling as it is the backbone of the IT infrastructure, bringing together all the hardware, software and data requirements. A computer network is much like a countries road, if the roads