Software Solutions

Operating Systems

MitiCo offers its clients a number of operating system solutions including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Novell as well as front and back-office applications including Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise and Linux. MitiCo also provides selected shrink-wrapped software including Microsoft Office, Open Office, anti-virus, internet security and firewall software, Pastel Accounting and data backup solutions.

Data Protection

It is imperative that companies secure a very valuable asset that is often overlooked – data. More and more companies are totally reliant on their IT infrastructure and the vast amount of data that is acquired over many years. It is absolutely essential that this data is backed-up and secured for legal, strategic, marketing and the day to day running of a business. This task is often left to a staff member who has little or no knowledge of the implications of data loss. Many companies have their data and documents spread over the various computers connected to the network and risk loss through data corruption, viruses, hardware failure, fire and theft. MitiCo will design and implement a data backup strategy that suits both the clients’ budget and business strategy. The option of offsite data backup and offsite media storage are also available. 

Forward Planning

MitiCo consults with clients on their software requirements, auditing current software licenses, forecasting their future requirements and planning their purchases and software expenditure. This information is used to ensure the client reduces costs, improves efficiency and purchases the appropriate software and/or software licenses, including volume license’s. By combining our knowledge with that of our preferred software suppliers and service providers we can understand our clients’ current and future software needs and license requirements and therefore provide suitable software requirements to meet the clients’ budget and strategic planning scenarios. MitiCo will endeavor to reduce the client’s overall software and licensing requirement costs using these strategies and product knowledge.


MitiCo is well equipped to perform software audits to identify whether a company is complaint with the current licensing requirements and identify any illegal software. Business South Africa (BSA) has been specifically setup to provide anti-piracy campaigns and identify pirated software. They have been very successful in eradicating pirated software in the past and a number of Kwa Zulu Natal based software suppliers and companies have been closed down or have had to pay pretty hefty fines. Many companies are inadvertently using pirated software that has been loaded by staff without the companies consent in many cases. MitiCo will identify any illegal software and advise the client on a way forward and then manage a solution to make the transition from illegal to legal software. MitiCo will manage the clients ongoing license requirements and eliminate the risk of inadvertently using illegal software